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Les Percussions de Treffort

Founded in 1979 by Alain Goudard, Les Percussions de Treffort are the reflection of a musical adventure rich of meetings and creations. The originality, the interest to join together 18 professional musicians with several peculiarities, results in a work of research and musical creations which is the heart of this band.

The quality of the band’s work, the big requirement, the friendship, the symbiosis, the collective force of the members of the group has led the band to have an original place in the landscape of today’s music.

The development of a repertory all the time growing, has been made possible with the help of many collaborations with prestigious artists : Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Barre Philips, Jérôme Thomas, Louis Sclavis, Carlo Rizzo, Michèle Bernard, Michel Boiton, Michel Doneda, Geneviève Sorin, Alfred Spirli, Jacques Di Donato, Shanghai Percussion Ensemble…

With a permanent will to cross the different artistic disciplines, Les Percussions de Treffort offer flavours, feelings that will only open them at the moment of their passage.

Les Percussions de Treffort have been invited by many international and French festivals and stages : Festival Orphée, Théâtre Montansier, Versailles (F) Festival Charivari, Tanzmatten, Sélestat (F) Scène nationale de Dieppe (F), La Traverse, Le Bourget-du-Lac (F), Semaine du Japon à Bourg-en-Bresse (F),… and abroad : Carpi, Castelnovo, (Italy), Graz (Austria), Geneva (Swiss), Dortmund (Germany)...

The musicians
Asmaa Aloui, Jean-Pierre Barbosa, Dominique Bataillard, Pierre Bourgeois, Jean-Claude Chaduc, Daniel Comte, Matthieu Convert, Daniel Gruel, Franck Jacquet, Romain Joguet, Hélène Peronnet, Christian Seux,
Artistic director : Alain Goudard

Les Percussions de Treffort are helped by the Conseil Départemental de l’Ain, Conseil Régional Rhône-Alpes, the French Ministry for the Arts, Rhône-Alpes Regional Cultural Business Direction

On the stages...
* 2014 Le Fil Rouge, artistic direction : Kilina Cremona, & Alain Goudard, witth Shanghai Percussion Ensemble, Liu Yan, Thierry Miroglio ; Pablo, with Novo Quartet ; Poules qui picorent
* 2013 Films à repasser, with Sébastien Églème
* 2012 Shanghai Percussion Ensemble and Les Percussions de Treffort
* 2011 D’un pas à l’autre, collaboration with Eklekto ; Bruits de couloir, creation by Alfred Spirli
* 2010 Yakune
* 2009 Jacques Di Donato & Les Percussions de Treffort  ; Hoditori
* 2008 Louis Sclavis & Les Percussions de Treffort
* 2007 Oflé Nié, with Moussa Héma
* 2006 Nine Bells, by Tom Johnson ; Pégaso  ; Les Fous de Diagonales
* 2005 Itinéraires croisés, by Carlo Rizzo
* 2004 Puisqu’il y voit avec les oreilles
* 2003 Demain, j’arrête, by Michel Boiton and Jean-Luc Peilhon
* 2001 L’oiseau noir du champ fauve , by Michèle Bernard
* 1999 Ça rythme à quoi ?
* 1998 Toscane, by Carlo Rizzo
* 1993 Rings, by Barre Philipps
* 1992 Poliritmia, by Carlo Rizzo
* 1991 Aldabara, by J.-R.Combes-Damiens
* 1986 La vallée close, by Claire Renard with Les Percussions de Strasbourg
* 1985 Amalgame

* Les Percussions de Treffort - Soif d’être musique, DVD (2009)
* L’oiseau noir du champ fauve (2004)
* Couleurs Trottoirs (2003)
* Toscane (2002)

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