Résonance Contemporaine

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Contemporary Music

Résonance Contemporaine : Contemporary Music Resource Pole

To be interested in today’s music, it’s to be in tune with one’s time, it’s to breathe the world.

To favour musical creation in today’s reality, to support the creation’s works and their diffusion.

To inaugurate new initiatives, exploration, practices and decompartmentalization places.

A tool for creation and composers :

* two professional ensembles : Les Percussions de Treffort composed by eight mentally handicapped musicians, an educational therapist and five musicians and The Six Soloist Voices Ensemble of six to ten professional female singers.Retour ligne automatique
* Residences of composers in Music Schools, with amateur and professional ensemblesRetour ligne automatique
* a consulting centre : more of 1000 scores, 300 CD’s, magazines, books, informations on ensembles, composers…Retour ligne automatique
* a role of advice, assistance and expertiseRetour ligne automatique
* a musical programming, « 7bis Chemin de Traverse », in medical, social and cultural structures in the town of Bourg-en-Bresse (France)Retour ligne automatique
publicationsRetour ligne automatique
* a circulation of competences, exchanges between the medical, social and cultural professionalsRetour ligne automatique
* "Résonances", a regular radio broadcasting, a place for a large audience to express.